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Protein Timing: Do You Optimize?

Do you engage in regular resistance weight training? Regardless of your intentions, from competitive weightlifting to simply promoting better health, you can benefit by knowing that type of protein to depend on, as well as the timing of consumption.

When it comes to reaching all your strength training goals, there are important steps you can take to maximize your success. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Type of protein consumed

- Timing of intake, including pre and post workout

- Amount of intake

Protein timing is a topic that has bee discussed regularly over the past decade. People now recognize, altering their protein intake schedule can actually help improve results and recovery.


A study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition took a closer look at the phenomenon of protein timing, with special interest on various types of protein commercially available on today's open market.

The review focussed on a variety of protein sources including whey, casein, milk, soy, and essential amino acids.

Within the study, biological value was used to evaluate how efficiently exogenous protein leads to protein synthesis once absorbed. Subsequently, those who workout regularly and want to use a quality protein food supplement can determine which source is best for their body.

Despite more people than ever before understand the importance of protein ingestion, there are many, including weightlifters and trainers, who are unclear as to the best type of protein sources, as well as the overall impact based on timing of intake.

Anyone who has yet to consider the benefits of protein timing should begin to experiment with multiple strategies, including a variety of high quality food supplements and intake schedules.

Best of Fitness!

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