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Sore Muscles? Whey Protein Isolate May Help!

Supplements including whey protein isolate continue to grow in popularity amongst a variety of groups ranging from bodybuilders, athletes, and those simply getting and staying in shape.

A study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition " examined the effects of short-term consumption of whey protein isolate on muscle proteins and force recovery after eccentrically-induced muscle damage in healthy individuals."

To be more specific, the study took a closer look at whether or not consumption of whey protein isolate reduced a decline in strength following eccentrically-induced muscle damage.

While the study focussed on 17 untrained male participants, the conclusion was quite interesting. The major takeaway of the investigation was the value of whey protein isolate's ability to attenuate the "impairment in isometric and isokinetic muscle forces during recovery from exercise-induced muscle injury."

Although the consumption of whey protein isolate results may vary between each person, these results go along way, once again in proving the benefits for outweigh any perceived drawbacks.

Eccentric exercise, which leads to the lengthening of muscles, is commonly known to result in muscle damage. Although many are not aware of how their body reacts, muscle fibers initiate multiple reactions that lead to an "interaction between protein synthesis and degradation." These types of changes often lead to symptoms including reduced muscle strength, impaired muscle function, and soreness.

Once again, whey protein isolate consumption has been shown to help accelerate muscle recovery post eccentric exercise.

Interesting to note, this study used whey protein isolate, which is often referred to as the gold standard for protein quality, due its superior amino acid profile. As a side note, whey protein concentrate does not share the same high amino acid content.

Best of Fitness!

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