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Amanda Chow

The Human Trainer Master Kit

The Human Trainer Master Kit

SKU: 21354654

Handsdown, the best suspension trainer on the market!  If you haven't incorporated suspension training into your workouts, you're leaving results on the table!

The Human Traininer Master Kit has it all, and can be used anywhere on the planet.  Exercises and results are unlimited.

No gym required!

Unfamiliar with suspension training?  No problem!  All your questions will be answered inside the Fit2Win app, schedule a personal training session, or consultation.

Take your performance and physique to the next level now!


    The Human Trainer Master Kit includes all of the Human Trainer Products including our core components in the Essential Kit with the Circuit 7 DVD which is the perfect training tool for a home gym, fitness facility or outdoor training program. The Master Kit also includes the Rotational Pulley, Dual Tricep Ropes, Abdominal Straps, Ripcords Ceiling Mounts, Versatility Anchors, Extra Handles and our Standard and Advanced Posters making it the most inclusive kit on the market. The Human Trainer Suspension Gym is the top choice for all Bodyweight Suspension products for beginners, intermediates and professionals. All The Human Trainer products are manufactured with the highest quality materials and offer the best 2 year warranty in the industry.

    The Human Trainer Essential Kit and accessories are the perfect training tool for a home gym, fitness facility or outdoor training program. It is designed to perform hundreds of full body exercises to strengthen and tone your upper body, lower body and target your core muscles on every exercise. Within seconds you can have The Human Trainer setup indoors or outdoors, on nearly any door, sturdy overhead beam, tree and jungle gym.

    By suspending and shifting your bodyweight against gravity, you create a dynamic vertical resistance that allows you to completely target every muscle in the human body. The Human Trainer forces you to use your own stabilizer muscles, which builds into a leaner, more athletic, more muscular physique and a stronger core, because your entire body is being engaged. Instantly adjust the level of difficulty and by simply shifting your body position. The steeper the angle or the more horizontal your body is, the more weight and resistance you are lifting. With The Human Trainer you can workout at home, at the office, or outdoors with only seconds of setup time and also save hundreds of dollars a year by eliminating monthly gym fees.


    The Human Trainer warrants that the products sold are free from manufacturing defects for a period of 90 days from the invoice purchase date. Should your products show signs of defective workmanship or material wear prior to the expiration of the 90 day warranty, call our customer service department at 1-866-497-9012 to inform us of any product related issues; or return the product to The Human Trainer contact us first on our toll free number or email us at This warranty is limited to the replacement of the product by The Human Trainer, and all related shipping, transportation, and return costs shall be at your expense.

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